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29, I am an enigma, even unto myself.
I am a quixotic dreamer, hopeless romantic, serious introvert, aspiring mortician, vegan, sadomasochist and lover of the macabre.

An appeal to gentlemen


G’s thoughts on yesterday’s gross sex-message and gentlemanliness. Also, guess the cat’s out of the bag.



This is a post for guys, by a guy, to educate our gender so that we stop being a fucking embarrassment. Women, you most likely already feel all of this in your bones, but feel free to read anyway.

Today, my wife, Zo, received a message on tumblr that I wish I didn’t have to include. Alas, it is crucial to this article, so here goes:

I’ll finger fuck you under the table at a restaurant then lick my fingers when I’m done I don’t give a fuck. —some random dude

Now, I can find plenty of reasons to find this disturbing. I’ll leave the reason for this writeup for last - let’s get the less important reasons out of the way before that. I feel like writing a treatise on my decidedly male reactions, and why the first one is subtly wrong.

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A new gallery, so I don’t go empty-handed. Click to see “Cathouse”, shot with my brand new Lumix two days ago in Donegal, Ireland. All photos ©Zoetica Ebb 2014

My new grey wig from Miss Violet Lace and various filters off my phone. Black sclera lenses and fangs coming next week.